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Delray Beach

The charming beach town of Delray Beach boasts gorgeous homes and spectacular landscapes that’ll take your breath away—but with all that beauty comes a ton of hard work. That’s why Delray Beach residents turn to Service Choice for their lawn care, tree and shrub care, and pest control. Whether you’re looking for a more vibrant lawn or want to keep your home pest-free, Service Choice has you covered!

The Best Lawn Care in Delray Beach

Need top-tier lawn care in Delray Beach? Look no further than Service Choice. We understand the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve a flawless lawn, and our comprehensive and personalized lawn care program is here to help.

Our expert team provides your grass with the nutrients and optimal growing environment it needs for healthy growth all year round. Our services include seasonal fertilization, weed prevention, disease and pest control, and more. Trust in Service Choice for all your lawn care needs in Delray Beach.

Expert Tree and Shrub Care in Delray Beach

Looking for someone to take your tree and shrub care in Delray Beach to the next level? Service Choice is here to help! Our expert team provides customized care for each and every plant on your property, ensuring that they have exactly what they need to grow and thrive. Whether your trees need quality nutrients, or your shrubs are susceptible to pesky bugs, our program is designed to meet their unique needs. Say goodbye to lackluster foliage and hello to vibrant, healthy plants with Service Choice.

Reliable Pest Control in Delray Beach

When it comes to dealing with pesky pests in Delray Beach, it’s always better to leave it to the professionals. At Service Choice, our reliable, fast, and efficient pest control services have got you covered.

From the creepy crawlies like roaches and spiders to the tricky rodents and bed bugs, we’ve got the knowledge and tools to tackle any problem. And the best part? We often offer same-day service, so you can get back to enjoying your pest-free home in no time.

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For reliable pest control to professional lawn care and tree and shrub care, Service Choice is the name Delray Beach homeowners can trust. We offer friendly, effective, and consistent services that get you the results you need for your home—a gorgeous lawn and landscape and a pest-free property. Call us today at (954) 568-9955 for your free consultation!

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