Termite Control & Prevention

If left unattended, termites can wreak havoc on any structure, causing significant damage to the very foundation of your home or business. In fact, termite damage in the United States surpasses the costs of destruction caused by storms, floods, and fires combined.

To prevent costly destruction, it is crucial to address a termite infestation promptly. If termites have invaded your space, the dedicated team at Service Choice Lawn and Pest Control is ready to assist you. Our team of professionals employs highly effective techniques to eliminate termites from your property and ensure their eradication for good.

Expert Termite Control in South Florida

South Florida is no stranger to the challenges posed by termites, owing to its hot and humid climate. Within Florida, two types of termites pose significant threats: subterranean and drywood termites. Fortunately, Service Choice offers proven liquid and bait solutions that will help to control, and eliminate, the termite infestation.

Our experienced technicians possess the expertise to handle even the most severe termite infestations. We adopt a comprehensive approach by targeting the entire colony, eradicating the problem once and for all. Upon contact with the product, termites unknowingly transport it back to the colony, leading to elimination of the infestation.

Expert Termite Prevention in South Florida

At Service Choice, we understand the importance of complying with the state regulations in Florida. That’s why we offer a specialized service to cater to the needs of new construction projects. We provide professional termite treatment, applying it to the soil before the concrete slab is poured. Our dedicated team ensures the treatment is carried out effectively, and upon completion, we provide our customers with the necessary pretreatment certificate. With Service Choice, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new construction project meets the necessary standards and regulations for termite prevention in Florida.

Depend on Service Choice for Complete Termite Control

Why should you choose Service Choice to address your termite issues? Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, as we not only utilize top-tier treatments in the industry but also boast a team of highly skilled technicians. Continual learning and implementation of the latest techniques enable our technicians to deliver exceptional results in termite eradication. Here’s why Service Choice is the go-to choice for termite control in South Florida:

  • Effective treatments. You can have peace of mind knowing we will use the best possible methods to eradicate termites.
  • Reliable service. We know that when you call us, you need the job done right and on time.
  • Environment considerations. We take our responsibility seriously when it comes to applying pest control products.

Service Choice: The Ultimate Nightmare for Termites

Allowing a termite problem to persist is a risk you can’t afford to take. With Service Choice’s reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly termite control solutions, you can bid farewell to damaging termites once and for all. Safeguard your property by scheduling your free inspection today!

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