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Since 1999, Service Choice has proudly provided lawn care, tree and shrub care, and pest control services throughout South Florida. Whether you need advice about keeping pests out of your home or improving the health of your grass, we’re always happy to help! That’s why we’re so proud to present our blog—it’s filled with all the information you need to know about keeping your property pest-free and improving the health of your lawn and landscape. We promise you’ll learn something new every time you stop by!

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Our Guide to the Most Common Types of Ants in South Florida

Many nuisance pests thrive in South Florida thanks to the region’s unique hot and humid climate. Ants pose a significant problem for many South Florida homeowners—even in the cleanest of houses, it’s not unusual to find a trail of these tiny six-legged creatures marching along the floor, across countertops, or up walls. The State of…

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Do Whiteflies Come Back Every Year?

Worried your South Florida property is infested with whiteflies? In our warm climate, these nuisance pests are rapid reproducers that can attack ornamental plants and trees, vegetable gardens, and more. There are over 75 species of whitefly in Florida, but the two most problematic for Florida landscapes are the ficus whitefly and the rugose spiraling…

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Do Florida Cockroaches Carry Diseases?

While there’s plenty to love about South Florida’s unique climate, nuisance pests love the state’s warm, humid weather, too. The entire region is highly susceptible to infestations, but there’s one pest that’s often more troublesome than the rest—the cockroach. Whether you call them palmetto bugs, water bugs, or croton bugs, one thing is certain: a…

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